Card Recognition

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Card of the Month Challenge- Homemade cards by Erica

I love all these fun contests, they have really been helping me dig deeper into my creative energy. My girlfriend Erica, one of my nearest and dearest friends, and cardmaking mentor, is expecting her second child shortly. When she was in a bit of a slump I suggested that she try to make a card a month-- and that I would even help by sending her all the bits and pieces to make the cards (I mean what are friends for right?). Well, I'd safely say she's out of her slump, check out her gallery of cards on Facebook. Here are the cards I made today with the pieces that she sent me. Since this challenge is really only between the two of us, I'm excited to say that I've finally won my first card competition. My son keeps asking me if I'd won, when I look at all these great challenges online. I've been trying to tell him that I'm just enjoying playing along, I don't have to win.

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