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Sunday, May 23, 2010

Coffee Card

I'm excited to say that this card is not for a challenge! I clicked on this card in my random card-surfing and thought that I needed to make a cool coffee card. I started this card with the idea that it would work for a "thinking of you card" for my husband's friend who's in the hospital. But the card was too big for the sentiment. So things shifted and I went looking for a larger stamp. The problem with the bigger stamp is that it's hard to get the whole stamp to ink well. So it was an accident that I did it on vellum and then raised the coffee mugs. I love when that happens. Here's the thinking of you card I made instead.

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~amy~ said...

Wahooooo for a coffee card! It seems you were addicted to challenges back then too :) Thanks for linking up and posting that awesome coffee card. I'm so glad that we are bloggie friends!