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Sunday, February 19, 2012

Flashback Friday card

The Flashback Friday crew is celebrating a big 20th challenge, with a big huge giveaway.  It's been on my to do to search back for a black and white card, but you know how life gets?  Anyway, here's a card I posted in June 2010 for a Card Patterns sketch.  If you read the original post you'll see that I was upcycling the patterned paper my mom bought for my younger's son's change table when he was born. 

And since the card has a trailer on it, why not share a couple of photos from our recent camping trip in Calistoga.  Our vintage trailer got a few looks amongst the parking lot of large RVs.


Thanks for looking... I'm having a day where I want to say thanks and love you to everyone I know... my sister was with a group in a back country skiing avalanche today, click here to read the article, and while she and her fiance are okay, it's so heartbreaking to think of her friends that she lost today.


Jennifer Rzasa said...

I'm so sorry to hear about the devastating. I wish the best for your sister and her fiance.

yyam said...

Classic and timeless b/w card Erin! :)

Love your vintage trailer!

P/s: Glad your sister and her fiance are okay. What a terrible tragedy.

jen said...

this is still a great looking card- and I've enjoyed the pics of your trip!
So glad she's ok- will keep her & her friends, and you too, my friend, in my heart.

Lynn said...

On Erin, I'm so thankful that your sister and fiance are okay. Certainly will keep the family of their friends in my thoughts and prayers. Absolutely tragic.

Love your fun!

Hazel (Didos) said...

Oh Golly what a nightmare for your Sister, so glad that she is ok, it mush have been terrifying for her.
Love the card its super, thanks for sharing on Flashback Friday 20.0, Hazel x

Lawren said...

Great card. Thank you for joining Flashback Friday.

~amy~ said...

Oh Erin...I'm SOOOOOOO glad that your sister is's been plastered on the news since last night....Whatta horrifying experience for her..

Thanks for playing with us at Flashback Friday...pretty awesome black & white card. Love that trailer image....what a fun trailer you guys have:)

Sylvia said...

Such a horrible thing for your sister, Erin, I am so glad she is OK. So sorry for the loss of her friends.

Your card is so fun, and I love your pictures inside the camper. Thanks for joining in the fun at Flashback Friday 20.0. Have a good day.

Merry said...

What a tragic event....glad to hear you sister and her fiance are safe. I love your cute little trailer...great for holidays. Glad you shared your wonderful card at Flashback Friday challenge 20.0

SmilynStef said...

How scary ... so glad she's okay ... love that fun vintage trailer and great B&W card ... so glad you joined our Flashback Friday 20.0 fun.

Emily Keaton said...

How heartbreaking for your sister and her fiance. I'm glad they are both OK, though. And I can understand your need to touch base with everyone.

Loved seeing your camping photos--can't wait to get out again ourselves! And of course, I loved seeing your camper card--and first black/white card, to boot! Thanks for linking up for Flashback Friday 20.0. :)

Karin (PeppermintPatty) said...

That's so scary - what a relief to know your sister and fiance are ok.
You first B/W is so cool!

Jen W. said...

So glad to hear your sister is okay but so sorry about her friends. Big hugs for you.

And your trailer clearly got looks because it was the coolest one in the park!

Rose said...

oh i LOVE the vintage tailor!!!
super fab card girlfriend :)

so glad your sister is okay, and also so sad she lost her friends.

thanks for joining us for the fun on FBF 20.0 :)

ps your little ones are adorable :)

Linby said...

So sorry to hear of the accident, glad your family are safe.
This is a great card, thanks for joining in wiht FF20.

Julie E said...

Upcycling and vintage all in one!
glad to hear your family is ok!
Thanks for joining in the FBF fun!!!

Be(e) said...

What a fun card! Thanks for playing along with us!
Glad you are all OK!

Lisa Petrella said...

Oh my goodness, Erin...sorry to hear about the avalanche. I'm glad your sister and her fiance are okay! So scary! Thanks for sharing your photos too---I think your camper is SOOOOO CUTE!!! LOVE IT!

Jen said...

Oh my, so glad to hear your sister and fiance made it okay, but sorry to hear about her friends.
Love the four panels on your card and that trailer is so cute...the real one and the card! Thanks for joining in on the FF20 fun!

lynn said...

such a sad story--glad your sister is safe, sad but safe:)