Card Recognition

Monday, August 20, 2012

Birthday Cheer

Happy Monday!  Today I've got a couple projects to share, first up my card for 365 Cards.  The card recipe is: 

4.25x5.5 Card
3 Bold colors
2 patterned papers
Glitter (or something glittery)
1 other embellishment
Sentiment (anything goes)

So what does a clean and simple girl like me to with all these options?  Aim for lots of white and sneak 'em in!  But love that I've got a festive birthday card out of the recipe.  I'd love to see how that recipe inspires you-- can you get that much white into your card?  Next up... since I had out the Pebbles patterned paper set and my desk isn't exactly clean (scroll down for proof), while waiting for the 5 minutes we had before heading to a potluck dinner I threw together this wine label.  

I should've timed that project (it was fast) because this morning after Mr. Ben decided the first card was too girly to give to my DH for his birthday I thought I'll try the Craft Dash and see if I could come up with something.  So I made the card below, recycling a father's day card I'd given my husband before, adding some May Arts burlap ribbon and natural string, a Paper Smooches sentiment and done... in 10 minutes and 30 seconds.

And since Dana posted a photo of her workspace for her 10 minute dash I thought I'd take a photo of my creative chaos space-- and then a superhero came racing through the middle of my photo- can anyone guess who he's dressed up as?


Jinny Newlin said...

You rock, girl! Just look at all those yummy projects! I'm trying to remember my comic book characters. Is he dressed as Wolverine?

Karen B. said...

Still not sure who he is. The boys don't watch too much super heroes so they don't know either. Great card, great distribution of the bright colors.

Paulina said...

So many great creations in this post, Erin! Each of them are so unique and fun!

Oh, I KNOW I've seen that comic book character before, but I have no idea the name! I'm sure if my brothers were here they could tell me.

Thanks for joining Ginny and I in the first 10 Minute Craft Dash! I hope you'll play along with us again!

yyam said...

Hehe....even the superhero couldn't find what he was looking for in the "mess"? lol

Love your 10 minute the colours and the texture with the burlap ribbon....and good job on recycling a card.

Lynn said...

Way to rock that recipe challenge! Love the wine tags and how you reused your card :)

Rose said...

fab cards :)
have no clue who he is dressed as but being a super hero he should have cleaned up as he zoomed through! lol
have a great day girl :)

Ginny Larsen said...

my best guess is Wolverine :D the yellow maybe?

um: WOW! i love your cards--that burlap is perfect, and your bright and fun cards and tag are super cute (right up my alley with those colors)!

we're so glad you joined us for the 10 Minute Craft Dash--we hope you'll play again! :D