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Saturday, November 23, 2013

happy thanksgiving wine tag

Greetings.... so I wanted to play along with the WMS PJ party again, but this morning, in my crafty window I somehow got inspired (with a little nudging from some virtual and actual cheerleaders) to clean my craft room.  Check out my Facebook page for proof that there is a floor.  So when my girlfriend (who I went to the bottle your own wine party with) reminded me that I was going to create a wine tag for her Thanksgiving dinner I quickly remade one like the project I posted yesterday, but missed the deadline for the WMS fun.  I've used WMS stamps and 3 different May Arts ribbon.  


Lynn said...

Happy you have to work or do you get to stay off? We're having both sides of the family over.

PS Love the way the ribbon shows under neath the tag.

~amy~ said...

This is gorgeous!

Tenia Nelson said...


Tenia Nelson said...