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Thursday, November 14, 2013

upcycled joy tags

So I think I've mentioned that I craft in the early hours of the day, so this morning at the pre-dawn hours before a rather full day I decided to make a tag using all recycled materials from the box of goodies my brother and his girlfriend had given me earlier this year.  (Part of the train of thought was that I went to photograph a local upcycled shop today for a photo assignment, so I thought I'd see if she liked what I made and see if she'd want to sell them).  The materials in the first tag are: a take out coffee holder, a piece of a Tiffany box, part of a wedding invitation, a scrap of kraft card stock and some ribbon (I must admit that I wanted a bow, so I pulled out some May Arts burlap string, but I figured that was okay since everything else was upcycled).  I die cut the joy from a second coffee holder and then added some distress stain and perfect pearls to the word.  This month's Real Simple has the fun fact that "44,000, The number of miles of new ribbon (more then enough to wrap around the planet- and tie a decorative bow, of course) that shoppers wouldn't have to buy if every family in the country reused just two feet of trimmings from previous years."  So there you go, I've reused some ribbon... (this comes from the girl who has an unhealthy supply of May Arts ribbon, but we wont talk about that small addiction problem).  So I recruited some help and made more tags...  I may need to hit up some more coffee drinkers to give me more coffee holders (I tend to only drink my coffee at home or with my cool Outside Inn take out mug).


Lynn said...

Wow! That is some serious morning mojo! Love the tags Erin!

~amy~ said...

awesome upcycling...gotta love your tags!