Card Recognition

Saturday, March 1, 2014

Congratulations card, envelope and tag, going global

I have decided the online world is a fascinating place... so I started my greeting card facebook page just over 4 years ago, with a little push from from my friend Cathy.  I started the blog about 5 months after I started the FB page and have been humming right along (I dip my toe into Pinterest and Twitter from time to time), but mainly I just play along with my self-inflicted challenge happy agenda and my virtual cheerleaders.  I do sell my cards, have done a number of custom orders for friends, friends of friends, the local shop down the street, card making classes, etc... but over the last few years I've got a few orders from complete strangers (which I always find fascinating, b/c I don't do anything to advertise, don't have a legit shop set up and always wonder how people find me in the first place and trust me with no online store front).  So... to get to the point, today's project was a custom card order from Malta.    Never been to Malta, had to look it up on the map, to be honest, and I love that I can say that my card creations are going global, so thanks Valentina for trusting that I could re-create something that you had in mind, and let's cross our fingers the postal people get it to you in one piece.


~amy~ said...

Thank goodness for google..I had to google Matla:)

super pretty the button heart...awesome idea and the tag...awesome.

way cool how you've managed to drum up business :)

Kristen said...

Pretty cards, I love all the purple. It is so springy and cheerful.

Rose said...

i love the button heart :)

Lynn Mangan said... cool is that? Our world is really so small. Love them all..especially the button one...not your typical style, but it is fabulous!