Card Recognition

Thursday, April 9, 2015


I made this birthday card last month and brought it as a sample card for last night's crafty gathering.  Since one of the gals wasn't able to make it at the last minute and I'd already cut out the pieces, I decided to play along with the lovely ladies.  So check out these four cards I made while "teaching."  Hope everyone is having a good week, I'll be back tomorrow with a new project for the latest Tag You're It Challenge.

And a shot of the work in progress crafting session.  Always fun.


Lynn said...

Love them...I have not had enough crafty time and am becoming very grumpy!!!

~amy~ said...

Oh, love them...look at all those fun goodies!

Kara Lynne said...

I bet they had a fantastic time! So glad you could enjoy it too. Wonderful cards!

Ingrid said...

Gave my version of this Thank You card as part of a hostess gift. My friend was very impressed and loved it. Thanks for helping your students look crafty!