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Thursday, December 9, 2010

Krazy Krafters Pit Stop

I'm still traveling around New Zealand in a campervan with my family, although the countdown to the end of the trip is almost down to one hand.  I'm not sure how I've managed to go without my craft addiction for this long!  Okay, I'll confess, I've had 4 crafty pit stops during our travels.  Click here, here and here for the other pit stops.  So on a walk the other day with my youngest son I decided to stop into the local craft shop here in Taupo.  The lovely lady who runs the shop invited me along to their weekly craft/scrap fest and me, being the displaced craft addict that I am, went along.  The three cards above are what I made that evening.  Many, many thanks to the lovely ladies who welcomed me and set me up with craft supplies and goodies.  I walked in empty handed, but left with three fun cards and a smile on my face.

Materials: I haven't a clue, sorry... I just used bits and pieces while I was there.  Thanks to Krafty Krafters Taupo


Kristy Smith said...

Hi Erin! Great cards, it is SO cool that you're traveling in NZ! One of my best friends lives in Wanaka... were you through there at all? I think it's relatively close to Taupo! My girlfriends went to visit our friend Josh and I know they went to Taupo! I'd love to hear more about your amazing adventure! =)

Karen B. said...

Oh, the middle card has such a FABULOUS design to it-your other cards are a lot of fun too. Safe travels.

Kristy Smith said...

Hey Erin! Ok so I had the wrong village, my friend goes to Wanaka for a few months each year during winter to ski, but he lives in Raglsn! He's a manager at a hostel there, his name is Josh Koshar and he's a very wonderful character! =) He's only been in NZ since 2008 though... he was in the states before that!

I also hear that Wanaka is the place to get the best honey! =)

Edna Morrisedie said...

Lots of fun in these, great job with putting the colours together for each card!