Card Recognition

Saturday, May 17, 2014

CASEing myself, Happy Birthday/Congrats

My girlfriend wanted 7 cards (4 graduation and 3 birthday cards), so I went about CASEing myself.  The top card is a CASE of this card, I used the PTI Make It Monday challenge for a few weeks back with the ink and water, the scrap had been floating around waiting for a purpose.  The 2 cards below are another take on this week's PTI Make It Monday Challenge, very similar to Monday's card.  She was a happy card buyer, we then went off bought wine with my profits, life is good!  And I am off to post on my work blog about my WWIM9, any of you Instagram users?


Lynn said...

A fabulous trio of cards...hope you're enjoying the wine!

~amy~ said...

Awesome cards!!