Card Recognition

Thursday, July 2, 2015

thanks and happy birthday july card class

So last month when Claire had a WMS clean out I went shopping... Have I mentioned before that I don't like shopping? I am one of those weird people who gets no satisification out of buying things.  I do buy crafting supplies (I know, I know, I have a cough cough small collection), but it's funny how my shopping averse syndrome even effects my hobby that brings me so much joy.  But loving the WMS thanks sentiment (and the other goodies, which I'll get around to sharing one of these days).  

This card...  you know how I love to play the PTI Make It Monday Challenge on Mondays (Jen, I'm looking at you), well sometimes the reality of what I actually have to do to get out the door gets in the way of playing in the craft room in my small window of time (our boys are taking a Circus Camp this week and it was all systems go to get them organized and out the door on time).  So here's a "late" addition to the coloring your cover plates challenge.  I used watercolors on the cover plate and then added a few extra splatters of the watercolor to the patterned paper below.  And if the card looks familiar, here's my inspiration source.

And visual proof that I didn't wait till the very last minute to prep this month's crafty gathering.  I had 4 projects organized and we managed to make 3 of them... so the smart thing to do would be to make sure I put the extra pieces somewhere I can find them... humm, we'll see how I go on that one.


Kara Lynne said...

Wonderful cards, Erin! I love those flowers and big "thanks", and it looks like a fun class. Circus camp!? I won't tell my girls, all they get to do is go to boring tennis camp!

~amy~ said...

circus camp...that sounds AWESOME.
FABulous cards!!!

Lynn said...

Oh I hear you on the all systems go! Hope the boys had an awesome time at camp! Love your cards...and I'm with you on shopping!