Card Recognition

Sunday, May 29, 2016


a super speedy, very "late" card for this week's PTI Make It Monday.  Many of you know that I like to play along on Monday mornings... this week I couldn't because we were on TV!  Click here to see more.  I'm up past my bed time, only playing along to give Jen a hard time.


jen said...

You still finished before I did- and it's fab! :D
Love that you aren't #1 because you were on TV!!

Judi G said...

How exciting to be interviewed on TV! I think you should incorporate a card making area in your campground!
Your card is great!

Helen F. said...

LOVE your 'last minute' card, Erin! I was late getting posted this week also. Your excuse is waaaaay better than mine! How exciting to see you were on TV. The campgrounds look amazing, wish I could visit some time :-)