Card Recognition

Sunday, November 27, 2016

have a happy holiday

Printed burlap... the great thing about challenges is that I see things and go, "Oh I have some of that paper", so thanks to Tracey's tag on Day #25 of her 25 Days of Christmas tags.  I think I have a couple others floating around, I'll see if I can remember to share them before the deadline... but in the mean time I've got a cold and am trying to just make it through the day.


Lynn said...

I hope you feel better. We had terrible colds run through our house. That polka dot burlap is fabulous!

~amy~ said...

Awesome the printed burlap.

I've been fighting a cold for 2 weeks..ugh. Hop you feel better soon!

Michele K. Henderson said...

darling tag! I love the little tree on the camper! Hope you're feeling better soon!
Take care!